Fascination in Application


Are you looking for a strong, long-term partner for dispensing and application systems? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We can provide you not only with our own product range, but we will happily develop a customised solution for you.


Ready for sale! New 5mL bottle with sight-strip!

pheneo expands its bottle product line with another specialty: From now on, the new 5ml "squeeze!" is available with sight-strip in orange (other colors at choice): Thus, this bottle version is also suitable for light-sensitive materials such as bonding agents or similar.If you can do without light …
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Ready for sale! New 50 ml (disinfection) bottle in the run-up!

pheneo expands its bottle product line with another size:With a filling capacity of 50-60 mL this size is optimally suited for e.g. hand disinfectants.Of course, this bottle version also has the same features: the proven and patented dropper technology, which makes it possible to adjust the dosage …
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Development Dental

We are a B2B development partner of the international dental industry. Our focus is on primary packagings and application systems for the following subdivisions:

  • Restorative Dentistry: Cements / Temporary C&B and Temp. / Fillings / Filling Materials
  • Endodontics
  • Prophylaxis
  • Anaesthetics and Pharmaceuticals
  • Applicators and Various Dental/Medical Disposables
  • Implantology

Development Human Medicine

Like in Dentistry there is an increasing need for simple and safe-in-application systems in Human Medicine. pheneo develops clearly structured and easy-to-use products to prevent wrong and unsafe application.

  • Application of Pharmaceuticals
  • Storage Systems
  • Technical Product Protection
  • Batch Tracking & Tracing
  • User Protection
  • Temper-Evident Closures

Development Veterinary

Besides our primary activities for the dental and medical industry the related field of veterinary medicine completes our health-care services.

  • Cost Optimized Application Systems
  • Batch Tracking & Tracing
  • Product Protection
  • User Protection



It is often particularly challenging to find adequate primary packaging for a dental liquid in the free market. Many of the commercially available bottles are used primarily as transport containers for (solvent free) …


Interdental brushes are often manufactured in costly processes from wire and fibres, or in 2 or 3 components using injection moulding. As well as involving different clinical compromises, these manufacturing processes …


For decades, dentists have preferred single-use solutions for placing dental materials at difficult-to-access areas in the oral cavity of the patient using an aid. apply! places the medium on the desired area: without …


Unit-dose packaging for light-curing composite filling materials has been in clinical use for many years. Apart from unit dosing, a changing market continually places new demands on a user-friendly packaging system. Due …


The application of pharmaceutical products in periodontology or use of low viscosity composites in single-use capsules is an established procedure. In the increasingly important CAD/CAM market, liquid retraction …