For many years, there have been increasing requirements in medical technology with regard to cost efficiency and facilitating application.

Different levels of training, regulatory guidelines and laws in global markets also present you, a material OEM, with constantly new, intensive challenges.

We at pheneo have focussed on this stress area for a number of years. Not only with our own products, which meet current and future requirements, but also with customer-specific, exclusive developments, which we would be pleased to manufacture for you in a suitable production environment.


Development & Production of Application & Packaging Systems:

  • Unit Dose
  • Multi Dose
  • Technical Product Safety
  • Application Systems
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Made in Germany

Quality, durability, reliability, efficiency, control, integrity, communication. These are the characteristics, which “Made in Germany” stands for in the world.

Our location is a clear commitment to these qualities.

Unlike many companies in our industry development, toolmaking and production are not located in low-wage countries, but now and in the future in Germany.

As a company, we want to set an example with this decision and assume social responsibility in our country.
This is because health products and consequently your health should be in the hands of professionals with an equally professional development environment. With this decision we are continually investing in specialised domestic production facilities and methods.

The result is an increase in both the flexibility and capacity of development and production. We therefore not only develop based on the capacity of our production facilities, but also according to your wishes. These are factors that ensure we enjoy new competitive advantages. Specialised, highly demanding markets require a high level of communication and a high degree of commitment and knowledge from our employees. This is how we ensure our long-term mutual business relationship and your market success.