pheneo sees itself as a “creative destroyer”: with our own developments we question existing and missing solutions in the market.

Why does a dropper not dispense consistent sizes of drops? Why are designated single-use products still improperly reusable by the operator? Why do applicators lose their fibres in the medium? We thoroughly investigate these questions for reasons of patient safety – and offer a solution.

In the development process we initially search for the best idea and then the specialists in the area of production. This ensures that we find the best possible option for you rather than just generating "capacity creativity".

squeeze! Liquid Engineering

It is often particularly challenging to find adequate primary packaging for a dental liquid in the free market. Many of the commercially available bottles are used primarily as transport containers for (solvent free) pharmaceutical products and have a correspondingly reduced functionality in relation to dental preparations.


scrub! Metal-free 1K interdental brushes

Interdental brushes are often manufactured in costly processes from wire and fibres, or in 2 or 3 components using injection moulding. As well as involving different clinical compromises, these manufacturing processes are generally very cost-intensive. pheneo is therefore committed to developing a one-component, injection-moulded interdental brush that can not only be manufactured cost-efficiently, but can also very gently clean interdental spaces clinically.


apply! Fiber-free 1K applicator

For decades, dentists have preferred single-use solutions for placing dental materials at difficult-to-access areas in the oral cavity of the patient using an aid. apply! places the medium on the desired area: without fibre residue.


click! 2K Composite Unit Dose

Unit-dose packaging for light-curing composite filling materials has been in clinical use for many years. Apart from unit dosing, a changing market continually places new demands on a user-friendly packaging system. Due to considerable further developments of the materials contained in previous years and anticipated regulatory changes, action is also required with unit-dose packs to meet patient safety in the long term.


spike! for Flowables and Liquid Retraction Cord

The application of pharmaceutical products in periodontology or use of low viscosity composites in single-use capsules is an established procedure. In the increasingly important CAD/CAM market, liquid retraction materials in particular are a major issue for the development of appropriate primary packaging, such as the pheneo “spike”!