spike! for Flowables and Liquid Retraction Cord

Unit dose packagings for light-curing composite filling mate rial have been in clinical use for many years. Apart from single dosing, a changing market continually places new demands on a userfriendly packaging system. Due to considerable further development of the materials contained in previous years and regulatory changes, action is also required with unit dose packs. In order to keep pace with material developments and, for example fulfill new requirements in rupture values because of altered consistencies, pheneo provides a new, genuine unit dose system that meets future requirements.

Capsule solutions are becoming ever more prevalent, including for the flowable composites sector and the rapidly growing market for liquid retraction materials, which is influenced by dental CAD/CAM technology.

Technical details

Spontaneous failure vs. tension screw principle

The special waisted shape of the pheneo unit dose results in a previously unavailable safety feature: controlled failure of the capsule, if for example the material properties have been negatively influenced due to improper storage or transport.

The pheneo click! provides a visible safety function: if the outlet is blocked by material, the capsule extends to compensate for the pressure built up:

A GENUINE unit dose

Initial opening guarantee: pheneo click! has a tamper-evident-seal due to 2-component injection molding and careful material selection. When first opened, a clearly audible click can be heard.

One-piece capsule

Only two parts facilitate the logistics

The pheneo click! consists of only two parts: the capsule and the plunger. This saves you logistics and assembly of a separate cap. Loss of a cap due to the inclusion of air, e.g. during transport, can be ruled out.

Venting mimic for easy filling

Incorporated venting grooves are designed in coordination with the plunger, so that highly viscous materials can also be filled as free of air as possible.

Maximum output

The special plunger of the pheneo click! is coordinated with the internal geometry, ensuring that there is maximum removal of residue.


a. Sulcus applicator for retention products or pharmaceuticals

The application of pharmaceuticals in periodontology or use of liquid retraction products is a growing market. Accordingly, a version of the click! with depth marking and an adapted angle geometry of the outlet is available.

b. Flowable composites

Of course, there is also a version for low viscosity composites. The tip is made from plastic and rounded at the end to prevent iatrogenic injuries. We would be pleased to send you samples for stability and storage tests and convince you with a visit on site.


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