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It is often particularly challenging to find adequate primary packaging for a dental liquid in the free market. Many of the bottles normally available are used primarily as containers for (solvent-free) pharmaceutical products and have correspondingly reduced functionality in relation to dental preparations. In addition, compromises must often be made in terms of ergonomics and accurate dispensing, which are very important for the end user. pheneo now provides a new generation of bottles, which have been optimized to meet the special requirements of dental products.

Technical details

Ergonomic design

The special triangular shape of the pheneo bottles enables intuitive gripping and reliable control of the pressure to form uniform drops.

Liquid Engineering

The dripper has been separated in a shearing and drop section. This enables customer-specific adaptation for ensuring a specific volumetric mixing ratio etc.

  • Targeted, constant drop volume of 10–20 microliters – no more than a micro-applicator takes up
  • Spontaneous drop formation or with pressure application
  • Sink in the dripper: no wiping off of label information, clean thread
  • Adjustment of the drop size with two or more component material

Tamper-evident closure

The tamper-evident closure allows reliable optical control of the product. The firmly anchored security ring fixes color-coding optimally on the bottle.

  • Meets high safety standards
  • Color-coding remains on the bottle, avoidance of cross-contamination
  • Double seal in the cap: on the dripper and on the sink

Further advantages

  • Special barrier properties against ethanol, MMA and other materials
    barriers are variable on customer request
  • Available in several shapes and many color combinations
    customer-specific shapes are possible
  • Dripper for high and low viscosity liquids
  • Can also be supplied in small quantities
  • Label templates are available in different file formats for your graphics department

We would be pleased to send you samples for stability and storage tests and convince you with a visit to your premises.


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